Technical Information

Railway cleaning The purity requirements play an important role in the railway industry. The railway industry develops and renews itself constantly, as a result of which the parts ask a deeper and more careful cleaning. A dirt particle can lead to mechanical failure or other serious defects. Therefore we constantly strive to make our railway cleaning systems meet the highest purity requirements and norms. Specialized in industrial and cleaning techniques we offer eco-friendly and efficient total solutions for the railway industry. Each railway cleaning problem is different and requires an individual approach. The package we offer you is complete, our experience very high. Together we choose the most suitable railway cleaning system for your application. Being innovative is therefore of paramount importance to us. All our railway cleaning systems are developed and manufactured in-house, which results in high quality products. Our railway cleaning systems comply with the CE machinery directive and are characterized by their reliability.
We have Railway Cleaning systems for ;


  • Cleaning of train bogies     
  • Cleaning small parts traction motors for trains 
  • Cleaning of traction motors  
  • Cleaning of train bearings  
  • Cleaning of train brake systems    
  • Cleaning of train buffers  
  • Cleaning of train engine parts    
  • Cleaning of train shock absorbers    
  • Cleaning of train toilets 
  • Dedusting of train compressors   
  • Cleaning of small train parts   
  • Cleaning of small corrosive train parts before painting    
  • Cleaning of train batteries     
  • Cleaning of train brake parts  
  • Cleaning of train brake-compressor parts 
  • Cleaning of train dampers     
  • Cleaning of train fi lters     
  • Cleaning of train springs, dampers    
  • Cleaning of train wheel components   
  • Manual cleaning of train toilets




We produce Environmentalist, Fast, Reliable Train Technology Systems for Future Generations.

We produce Environmentalist, Fast, Reliable Train Technology Systems for Future Generations.